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RC Tank Battles in 1/16 scale 

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RC Tanks I built and battles they were in

RC tanks made as kits or ready to run by several manufactures including Tamiya, Taigen, Henglong and Mato.  Some come with Airsoft guns some come with Infrared, but all of them get convered to use the Tamiya Infrared system using either Tamiya brand or other compatible after market manufactured electronics boards that all accept the Tamiya IR reciever that plugs into the top of the tank.
 My tanks are mostly custom built by me using kits and ready to run RC tanks that I chop up and modify and buy aftermarket urethane castings of the hulls and turrets and main guns etc to make accurate scale model tanks.

M4A1 (75) Large Hatch "California Girl" Dec 1944 production


This Sherman came as a M4a3 105 howitzer, Heng Long ready to run airsoft tank.  I changed the hull to a cast hull to make it an M4A1, rebuilt the turret, removed the airsoft gun and put a scale 75mm gun and a servo to recoil the barrel when it fires. It has a Battle Armor BARC4 electronic system and a 6 channel radio with tamiya compatible IR battle system.

Video of operation before completion.

Forum thread of custom building this tank model.

M4A3E8 (76) HVSS "Katy Cat" August 1944 Chrystler production


This is a Tamiya kit of a M4105 Howitzer that I got back in 1999 or so and I bought a T23 76mm turret from Nick Aguilar and a replacement rear deck for an E8 from ebay. I completey rebuilt the rear hull to change it from an M4 to an MA3 which is much more slanted in the rear and has a differnt engine grill cover in the back. I used Tamiya Pershing electronics for the correct Ford GAA V8 engine sound as opposed to the Tamya Sherman M4 sound which is a radial engine.  Also I used a barrel recoil unit from a tamiya tiger.

Build thread step by step on RCU

Video of first operation

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M4A3 105 HVSS Howitzer Tamiya kit


This is a stock Tamiya RC kit of the M4 105mm howitzer sherman.  Its pretty much built right out of the box and then the Infrared bulb and reciever base installed. Runs great. Best Sherman out there out of the box for RC combat.

M4A3E2 Jumbo Assult Sherman 76mm retro fit 


This is a urethane kit produced by Nick Aguilar that I built on a Mato all metal chassis.  A fun and challenging build but if I had it do over again I would use the stock tamiya rotation system not graft in a Henglong type, and I would not use a mato chassis agian. I would use a Taigen.  See my build thread for all the details.

Build thread step by step on RCU

M4a1 (76)W converted from a Taigen M4A3 (76)w


Build thread step by step on RCU

M4(75) Alco March 1943 production


 I built this plain old M4 using a Taigen chassis and a Tamiya hull with a urethane front casting from Nick Aguilar grafted onto the hull.  I had to cut it out of the urethane hull to use it.  Over all this is one of my favorite models because of the detail work and research I put into building it.  It took me a year and half to build.

Build thread step by step on RCU

M50 Super Sherman IDF 6 day war


This M50 is based on an M4a4 long hull tank.  I built it on a stretched Tamiya chassis with lots of urethane castings and 3d printed parts from Shapeways.

Lots of research went into building this tank to get all the details correct and placed in the right spots.  I have really enjoyed building this model alot.  Its going to become one of my favorites. 

Build thread step by step on RCU

M60A3 Main Battle Tank 1978 3D kit by DKLM


The M60A3 kit made by DKLM is 3d printed on a professional printer.  I added metal wheels and Tamiya Abrams tracks and other details not included with the kit.

The build was a little challenging on a few points but not too dificult to figure out.  It was an expensive kit for what it is but for a short run I feel it was worth it and may build another from them.  This will become one of my most used tanks because it is so neat.  I love the MERDC cammo  chose for it.  It took me 50 hours to paint. 

Build thread step by step on RCU

Pics from battles and events

Pictures credit LA Tank Facebook, Ethan Dunsford (Desert Armor Korp facebook) and myself.