Established June 8, 2006


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This is my first jeep, taken out in the Mojave desert.
It is a 1950 Willys M38. 
 I understand that its in Canada making movies now.


Jesse and I were trail riding in the canyon.


This is Jeep #2. Its a 1954 Willys M38a1.
This is after my bro Joe and I did a ton of work to it to get it running and paint it. Before the total restoration.


This is unfortunately the only picture I took of both my jeeps together before I sold the first one. Look good dont they.


This is a close up of the VRC 46 radio I installed.


Here is my M37B1. Made by Dodge in 1965.
It has the water fording kit installed. Look how deep I can go.


Doesn't it look cool with the top down.


THis was a steep hill in the Borrego Badlands.


Here is My radio shelter in the truck.
It is an S-89 shelter that origianly was built in the 50's with a GRN-4 in it. That is a radio navigaional beacon that transmitted a VLF signal about 400 Hz, to a compass in an aircraft so that they could navigate to it or pick up several stations and triangulate with them.
Now it has a mixture of equipment in it.


The other side of my truck after I repainted it.


Rear of the shelter.


I had to put this picture up. Its a WWII Dodge WC12. It was Charles Manson's truck while he was out in Death Valley. The roof and rear wall inside are painted black with stars.


Right side of my M1008A1 CUCV. Forward antenna is a rigid AT-1011 32' verticle HF mount. Rear antenna is an AS-1729 VRC-12.


Left side of my M1008A1 CUCV.  Forward antenna is a Shakespear 136-174 MHz.  Rear antenna is a Shakespear AS-3512 30-512 MHz.


This is the radio rack in the bed of the truck.  It has a VRC-12 mount in it right now. Power is supplied through the main J box in the center. Im going to mount some more equipment like my GRC-193 and another VRC-12 rack in it after I remove the top deck and its supports, it gets in the way of the rear view out the window and the verticle supports will block the wider GRC-193 mount.