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AT-1011 bases, also known as the 120 series

All of these bases are designed to be fed by a single lead wire from a coupler.  Not Coax.  They all have a threaded stud on the bottom with nuts for connection.


This is what is known as the "Witches Hat" base.  Its for the full 32" antenna. It can be bolted down or somehow staked guyed on the ground.  It is fed by the connector near the top. Its rated for 1kw. Shakespear calls it the 120-28.


This is the small staionary mount for the 32ft antenna.  You cannot move a vhicle with this base, it will destroy the antenna.  It is shown here mounted on a reinforcing donut and mounted on a standard military pattern antenna mount such as seen here or the common "Sugar Scoop" mount.   Sakespeare calls it the 120-31. Rated 400 Wpep.


This is a remote coupler mount for the GRC-193 radio system.  The mount uses the rigid base shown above.  These mounts seem to be every where on the net these days.


This is the vehicle spring mount known previously as the GRC-206 base, however now adays all HMMWVs that have HF rigs use these now made supplied by Harris RF.  They are rigid and do not flex for use with the 32ft antenna. OR you can pull on a horizantal pin on the opposite side and lift the shaft up, unlocking it from the bottom and making it spring for use mobile with the 16ft length antenna. Rated 400w pep. Skaespear calls it 4245/ 120-31 /4282 also AB-1335G


This is a base for use only with the 16ft mobile version.   It appears to be a very early desing in the history of this AT-1011 system.  Today, noboy uses small bases like this.  The only base I ever see on any US vehicles is either the GRC-206 type locking spring base, or the small rigid staionary base, depending on vehicle.  Shakespear has modern desings of this base available that are more well desinged than this old one.  Still its only good for 16ft.

Shakespeare 120 series bases and antennas