Installing a stereo or ham radio in a CUCV

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Installing a Stereo or Ham radio in a CUCV

Every CUCV owner knows or learns very quickly that a modern stereo does not fit into the stock pannel to the lower right of the steering wheel.  I figured this out pretty quick.  I pondered the problem for a little while and eventually came up with my solution.  I located the bracket that goes on the dash board that the military mounted the radio control boxes on.  Then I got a remote surface mount face plate stereo and mounted it on the bracket and next to it mounted a remote face ham radio next to it.  Below are the pictures of the install.


This is the back side of the military dash board radio control box bracket.


This is the front side of the military radio controll bracket.


This is the floor of the cab with the bench seat removed.  On the driver side is the stereo main unit.  On the passenger side is the main Ham radio unit. follow the cables up the transmission hump up to the dash board.


This is the stereo on the left and ham radio on the right.  Notice the stereo does not have a CD or tape deck.  The stereo has an audio input line so I plug an MP3 player into it that I clip on the dash board. The stereo is a Jenson boat stereo.